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Melamine: SwissKrono Touch

Description of item:
Royal Plywood Now Offers the New Panorama Touch Collection by SwissKrono. Exquisite design + Swiss quality, with Royal Plywood's unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing.

SwissKrono presents the new synchronous structures on both sides with the Panorama TOUCH Collection. The structures are almost impossible to tell apart from real wood to the eye and touch and have a unique appearance combined with modified VL Supersoft surface as well as matching laminates and ABS edges.

True to nature and authentic is the look of the new synchronous surface structures from SwissKrono. With five select designs available in 23 colors, they are almost impossible to tell apart from real wood.


The Following 12 Synchronized Finishes are stocked in
¾ 81’x110” Good 2 Sides PBI Core
5/16” 81”x110” Good 2 Sides PBI Core
51”x108” Vertical Grade High Pressure Laminate
1mm x 22mm x 328’ ABS Edgebanding

D4100 CD Coffee

D4101 CS Khaki

D4103 CS Onxy

D4104 CS Browny

D4106 CE Olive

D4107 CE Tabac

D4108 CE Mokka

D4110 CC Wild

D424 CH Montana

D4205 CH Oregon

D4207 CH Nevada

D2042 CE Champaign

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