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Richlite RainShadow™
Rain shadows, nature’s rainscreen, form when mountains obstruct the passage of rainfall, causing dryness on the leeward side. Inspired by the summits that form a nationally renowned rain shadow on the edge of the Olympic Mountain Range, Richlite RainShadow™… The Natural Rainscreen is available in four colors.

Richlite RainShadow™ patinas over time and has an inherently natural look. The water-resistant material requires no sealing on the face, edges or fastener holes. With over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the industrial, marine, extreme sports and architectural markets, the through-color panels are durable, versatile and easy to maintain.


Made with either FSC® Certified or post-consumer recycled paper, Richlite RainShadow™ can contribute to LEED® points. Our innovative WE™ Technology system captures solvents from the manufacturing process and recycles them into energy, which has reduced our CO2 emissions by over 30%.


Richlite’s flexible manufacturing system allows for refined customizable panels. Distinguish projects to suit innovative styles with multi-colored edge reveals, integrated printed murals and engraved design features.

Features and Benefits of Richlite’s Rainshadow:
Richlite’s Rainshadow Colors:

Midnight Iron

Boulder Bronze

Buckhorn Bronze

Copper Peak

Available sizes:

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